Downhill slopes in Strážné

Ski resort Strážné is equipped with four downhill courses of all levels of difficulty. For the youngest visitors there is a children’s lift and a very gentle exercise slope right next to the blue piste (Nad Kolonkou).

Downhill Difficulty Cant Length
Kotva medium 110 m 500 m
Pod starou školou medium 70 m 350 m
Nad Kolonkou light 55 m 300 m
Freestyle park 40 m 200 m

All ski slopes are modified twice a day by the snowmobile, half of the ski slopes are artificially snow-covered and illuminated.

For our youngest visitors we have a children’s ski lift and a very gentle exercise slope near the blue slopes.

Running tracks

Strážné is an excellent starting point for entry to the modified cross-country ski trails of 40.7 km, which are connected to the Krkonoše skiing route.

Tracks of cross-country skiing tracks and the necessary information on their modifications and hiking can be found here here .

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